Hybrid buses well received at Acton Green

A package of improvements to make Acton Green more peaceful and less polluted has proved a great success.

94 bus at Acton Green

Residents have had concerns about congestion, bus noise and pollution at Acton Green, where the number 94 bus starts and terminates. The council worked with Transport for London and London United, the bus operators, to improve bus operation and secure the introduction of 20 new hybrid buses on the route, which are up to 60% quieter and slightly shorter than conventional buses. This is the biggest allocation of hybrid buses on any single route in London.

As the 94 service runs with such high frequency, minor fluctuations in journey time along its route mean that there is often a very high demand for the limited standing space available, resulting in buses bunching around the Green and on occasions half blocking the approaches to local roads. Improved monitoring and a review of the operation has now reduced this problem.

The success of these measures means that a proposal to re-route the bus in the opposite direction at Acton Green is now not needed, saving around £35,000 of public money. A consultation on this subject showed the majority of residents agreed the work is no longer required. The council still intends to make other improvements in the next few months, such as resurfacing of the roads in the area.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “I’m glad that the improvements have had the desired effect and residents are happier. I’m also pleased that we have managed to work together with TFL and the bus company to come up with a solution without having to resort to expensive and potentially disruptive changes to the road layout. I hope this solution will balance the needs of commuters using this popular bus route with the people who live in the Acton Green area.”