Roses are red, recycling is green

Ealing Council is reminding residents they can have a green Valentine’s Day this year to show they love the environment.

women with flowers

Think carefully about excess packaging when you are buying your loved one a gift, and when flowers have wilted they can be recycled with your garden waste. Look out for a card made from recycled paper or make a card yourself out of material you already have. A valentine’s email can show just as much love but if you do go for the more traditional card, then residents can recycle it afterwards in their green bin.

All food waste left over from romantic meals cooked at home this Valentines Day can be recycled using the food waste bins. Food waste makes up around a quarter of all rubbish thrown away in Ealing. By using the food recycling service waste can be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling, where it is converted into energy and fuel. Food waste should be placed in the food waste bin for collection outside residents’ homes. Just like the green box it is free and easy to use. Food waste bins will be collected on the same day as green box and refuse.

By recycling more waste residents are also increasing their chances of winning a cash boost for their ward in the Recycling Rewards scheme. It sees people living in each of the borough’s 23 electoral wards competing against each other to win cash for their local area.  The ward with the highest proportion of households recycling, as well as the three with the greatest improvement in recycling rates, will be awarded £20,000 each to spend on local inmprovements through their local ward forum. The final survey to decide the winners will take place this Spring, so now is the time to recycle as much as possible.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “Show the one you love that you love your environment and enjoy a green Valentine’s this year. If you can’t finish that candle-lit dinner, then make sure you use your kitchen caddy to recycle it. Food waste recycling has really taken off in Ealing. Since we introduced the kitchen caddy last July, the recycling rates have shot up.

“In January  2011 we recycled 433 tonnes of food waste, up approximately 20% from January 2010. It is important we divert as much food waste from landfill as possible. Not only will this save us a considerable amount in landfill tax – it currently costs the council £88 per tonne of refuse – it also has considerable benefits to the environment. When food waste breaks down in landfill it releases damaging gases into the atmosphere.”

For further information on recycling in Ealing and on Recycling Rewards.