Canal cleared of rubbish, even the kitchen sink

Three and half tonnes of rubbish have been cleared from the canal by volunteers in a clean-up organised by the council.

Clean-up along canal

Over 80 volunteer streetwatchers turned out on Saturday morning, along with council staff, to pick up rubbish from the canal side. Litter, mattresses, a washing machine, plastic toys, a few TV’s and even a kitchen sink were some of the items removed from the picturesque spot. The council’s graffiti contractors, MPM, also removed 318 square metres of graffiti between Bankside in Southall and Horsenden Hill in Perivale, to complete the clean-up.

Streetwatchers are local volunteers who take an active interest in Ealing’s streets and parks. They report problems such as fly-tipping and graffiti so that the council can deal with them.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said:
“I’m absolutely delighted by the response we got to this call to action from our streetwatchers. I am always amazed by the dedication and enthusiasm this proactive group of volunteers brings with them, they really are the eyes and ears of the council.

“The canal side is a beautiful spot and it has unfortunately been blighted by rubbish in some areas. Now that this stretch has been completely cleaned up I hope everyone will recognise how much nicer it looks and dispose of their rubbish and waste responsibly. It was also no coincidence that this event took place at the end of Climate Week and to mark the beginning of the Love Where You Live campaign, organised by Keep Britain Tidy.”

For more information on streetwatchers contact the organiser Susan Wyatt at or visit the streetwatchers page.

Further information on Climate Week and on Keep Britain Tidy, is available on the web.