Car clubs revs up for 2,000 new members

Ealing Council has secured funding to expand car clubs in the borough.

Car in car club

Over the next two years an additional £70,000 will be invested into the scheme that allows people to borrow a car at an hourly rate.

This investment from TFL, which is in addition to  Ealing’s Local Implementation Plan funding, will mean an increase in the number of cars available and additional sites to pick them up from. The money will translate to an extra 60 bays across the borough over the next two years and an anticipated 2,000 new members. There are currently over 2,000 members in the borough.The locations of the new bays will be subject to local consultation and the first bays will be created by late summer.

Car clubs offer people an alternative to car ownership. At the same time as giving residents the opportunity to use a car when one is required, it encourages other modes of transport, such as public transport, walking or cycling, when these alternatives are more convenient.  This reduces congestion, pollution and also the number of parked vehicles on the borough’s streets.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “This is great news. A car club is an excellent way of having the convenient use of a car whenever you need it. Many people only use their cars to make short journeys like trips to the supermarket and by using a car club you can still do this and avoid the expensive cost of purchasing and maintaining  your own car. In using a car club instead of owning a car, you are helping to reduce congestion on our streets and doing your bit for the environment, not to mention your own health if you choose to walk or cycle.

“I would encourage those who live near a current  car club bay or one of our new bays to consider joining for a  great economic alternative for occasional drivers.”

Further information on car clubs is available on the transport pages.

The three car clubs currently operating in the borough are:

– City Car Club, Tel: 0845 3301234
– Streetcar, Tel: 0845 644 8475
– Connect by Hertz, Tel: 08708 454545