Getting green on the return to school

Students returning to school in Ealing are learning an important lesson about how they can help boost recycling.

Green incentives at school

In the last school year, 58 schools in the borough started food waste and cardboard recycling and140 schools currently recycle their paper and cans.

From September 2010 – July 2011 Ealing schools recycled 184 tonnes of food waste, and 116 tonnes of cardboard. The total tonnage of food and cardboard recycled was 300 tonnes – the equivalent weight of 100 school mini-buses.  Both more than doubled, with an increase of 108 tonnes of food waste and 70 tonnes of cardboard, on the year before.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “Pupils in Ealing are some of the most green minded residents in our borough so it’s fantastic that schools are rolling out the important ethos of recycling into the classroom, playground and dinner hall. Our young people know the important role recycling has in saving the environment for themselves and future generations so it is wonderful that they, along with their teachers and staff across so many of our schools, are able to put this into practice at school as well as at home, helping the council save money on landfill taxes.”

As students return to school, Ealing Council is reminding families to think green. In addition to recycling, there are many environmentally friendly actions families can consider. Using a lunch box and water bottle which can be re-used rather than thrown away is a good way to avoid unnecessary waste. Choosing recycled paper and notebooks and using refillable pens also cuts back on the waste ending up in landfill. Buying uniforms and books second hand is a great way of saving some cash while reducing waste and don’t forget to donate old items to charity or directly to schools.

For more information on recycling in the borough visit the Council’s recycling pages.