TV chef shows residents how to waste less food

Love Food Hate Waste Ready Steady Cook with Bassam Mahfouz, Richard Fox and Ealing Gazette's Michael Russell
Flat Bread Contest: Ready Steady Cook with Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, Celebrity Chef Richard Fox and Ealing Gazette's Michael Russell

A celebrity chef will be visiting the borough to demonstrate how to cook meals from food usually thrown away.

Richard Fox, who regularly appears on the BBC and has written his own cook book, will be sharing his tips and giving advice on how to turn leftovers and food waste into different tasty dishes and gastronomic treats which are affordable and simple to make. Richard will be hosting an event on Tuesday, 22 November from 11am to 4pm at King Street, just outside Morrisons in Acton.  Ealing Council cabinet member, councillor Bassam Mahfouz will also be joining him for a “Ready Steady Cook” challenge.

The event will feature live cookery demonstrations and a question-and-answer session on cooking, recipes and food. Shoppers and residents will also be able to take part in a cookery competition to see who can make the best dish out of leftovers. In addition there will be a Love Food Hate Waste information stall, offering advice on cutting food waste and the council’s Waste Minimisation and Recycling team on hand to answer questions. Visitors will be able to get personalised tips and advice, including recipe ideas.

The Love Food Hate Waste event has been organised as part of European Week for Waste Reduction to help people save up to £50 a month by getting the most from the food they buy.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “As a nation we throw away so much food, which wastes money as well as being bad for the environment. By planning our weekly shop, freezing foods and trying new recipes we can be green and save cash. At this event Richard will not only give us some great cooking tips, but will help to inform Ealing residents about how they can cut down on their food waste, be green and save money.”

Love Food Hate Waste estimates that we throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food in the United Kingdom every year, which is costing the average family with children £680 a year, and contributing enormously to the country’s carbon dioxide emissions.

For more food recipes, tips and information visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Further information on food waste and recycling in available on the recycling pages.