Ealing Conservatives would raise Council tax by 17%

Ealing Conservatives have revealed a rash of unfunded spending commitments, which would result in a Conservative administration having to increase council tax by 17%. When challenged by Labour cabinet member Cllr Bassam Mahfouz on what the Conservatives would do about the cuts that the Tory-led Central Government is forcing through Conservative Shadow member for finance Cllr Mark Reen emailed all Labour councillors a lengthy list of unfunded spending commitments.

Ealing Labour has costed the promises and found that they would result in a £20m black hole from the council’s revenue budget and an extra £15m being spent on the council’s capital programme. An itemised list is included below, but in essence it means an increase of 17% in the first year of a Conservative Administration.  This is the equivalent of an extra £232 to be paid for households in the average home in the borough, many would be asked to pay more.

Savings the Conservatives would not take Revenue savings by 2014
Supporting People Saving


Opposition to bringing Ealing Homes in-house


Opposition to the efficiencies arising from the property strategy


CPZ charges


CAHMS grant reductions


Day centre changes


New policing model


Envirocrime & Park rangers


Library Strategy


Changes to Taxicards


Reductions to VCS grant funding


Charging nothing for Stirling Road site


Charity rate relief


Reduction in Early Intervention Grant


Changes to respite unit


10% Revenue cost of extra capital commitments


Total = £20.441m revenue

Additional Capital Commitments

Commitment to buy Acton Magistrates court as a community centre


Maintaining Street Resurfacing Programme


Maintain DFG budget at previous level


Total = £15.05m capital

The Council is legally obliged to pass a balanced budget and so as result of the Tory-led Government’s cuts the council must make savings of £85 million by 2013/14. Therefore in order to balance the budget the Conservatives would have to raise council tax by 17% to fund their unrealistic spending spree.