New Value For Money Environmental services contract signed

Ealing Council has signed a contract with Enterprise Managed Service Ltd for their environmental services.

Waste contract signed

The contract, which covers waste, recycling, street cleaning, parks and grounds maintenance, and burial and cemetery services is worth approximately £17million a year.

The new contract will start in two phases beginning with parks, grounds maintenance and cemeteries from January 2012. Other parts of the contract will come into force next April and will include improvements in the quality of street cleaning, with more sweeping taking place.

Streets will also be cleaned the same day as refuse and recycling collection, but after the collection has taken place so any spilt waste will be dealt with immediately – currently they are cleaned the day after collection. Waste and recycling will continue to be collected weekly from households and bins in parks will be emptied more frequently. Garden waste will be collected every two weeks from households that wish to subscribe.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: “This is one of Ealing’s most important contracts so we wanted to ask companies to provide more for less, given the current climate. What we have will ensure delivering the absolute best for our residents, while also getting the best value possible. With this new contract we will make significant savings and improve the services delivered to the borough. It is anticipated the new contract will save the council and the taxpayer at least £3million annually. I look forward to working with Enterprise in our campaign to become one of the greenest and cleanest boroughs in London.” 

Martin Joyce, Managing Director for Enterprise said:“We are delighted that we’ll be working in partnership with Ealing Council. We’re very confident that we can help deliver better environmental services at the same time as demonstrating value for money to Ealing’s residents.”

The contract will last for 15 years with an option to break after seven years. Enterprise currently provides environmental services for The Royal Parks, and several local authorities including Islington, Manchester, Liverpool and Solihull councils.