Ealing Labour freezes council tax for the second year running

Ealing Labour Freeze Council TaxEaling Labour have announced they intend to freeze council tax again meaning the council tax payers are paying exactly the same amount as they were when Labour came to power in May 2010. In a Council meeting this Tuesday Cllr Yvonne Johnson Labour’s Cabinet member for finance and performance confirmed that the Cabinet will recommend a council tax freeze when the budget is set in March.

She said “Despite the huge cuts the Government is making Labour’s prudent management of the council’s finances means that we can afford to help local people in these difficult times. This Council tax freeze will put money in people’s pockets when the Tory-led Government’s reckless economic gamble is hurting hard working people.”

Cllr Julian Bell Labour leader of Ealing Council said, “We have heard a lot of nonsense from the Government about how they are freezing residents Council tax bills. What they don’t tell people is that their supposed Council tax freeze will be paid for by Council’s next year when the money disappears.

In Ealing Labour is freezing the council tax because we have taken tough decisions to balance our budgets and in these difficult times it is right that we don’t ask local residents to pay for the Tory-led Government’s cuts. We now know that the Ealing Conservative alternative is to increase the council tax by 17% which is a £232 council tax bombshell of unfunded promises.”