Electric Avenue comes to Ealing with first public charging points

Drivers of electric vehicles will be able to ‘recharge and go’ at the first charging points installed by Ealing Council.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz using the electric car charging point

Three charging points have been installed at Featherstone car park in Southall, as well as three points at Dean Gardens car park in West Ealing. More points are planned for Perivale Station car park.The points are simple to use – the driver just pays the normal hourly rate to park in the relevant car park and then plugs their electric car or van in to recharge its battery.  Both car parks are free to use from 6pm and vehicles can be left overnight.

There is no direct charge for the electricity used, only an annual membership fee of £10 to join Source, a network set up by the Mayor of London and Transport for London.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment said: “We are committed to reducing harmful air pollution from vehicles by encouraging cycling, walking and using public transport where possible.

“Most drivers’ journeys in London are only around two miles on average so electric cars are a great way to have cheap fuel for getting around the city.  We have also invested in car clubs which allow drivers to hire petrol cars on a casual basis rather than have to invest in a car and all of the running costs.”

Benefits of electric vehicles include lower fuel costs, free road tax, exemption from the congestion charge and less pollution.