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Free day of Family Fun in Northolt

Local families will be able to enjoy an afternoon packed with free activities and entertainment on Wednesday 1 August as Ealing Council celebrates National Playday at Rectory Park, Northolt.

National Playday

The free entertainment on offer includes a bouncy castle, climbing wall, 100-foot army assault course, giant inflatable slide, face painting and an old-fashioned carousel. The event runs from 12 – 4pm and is open to everyone.

National Playday happens every year and celebrates children’s right to play and highlights its importance in their lives. This is the fourth year that Ealing Council has hosted a free National Playday event. More than 2500 people came along last year.

“Bring a picnic, and your family and friends, and enjoy all of the activities on offer.”

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Two of Ealing’s parks have been awarded Green Flags, recognising them as among the best in the country.

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz and David Shirvell from the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park Society celebrate getting the green flag

Northala Fields, in the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park, and Acton Park, will both be flying the flags from this week.

The parks were judged against eight criteria, including how clean and well maintained they are, and how actively involved the community is, before they were awarded the prestigious flags.

Northala Fields was opened four years ago and its iconic hills have become a landmark for anyone travelling along the A40. It was built on 45 acres of derelict land, using debris from the demolition of the original Wembley stadium and rubble from the construction of the Westfield Shopping Centre in White City to build four large conical mounds.  Next week it will play host to the Olympic flame as it wends its way through the borough as part of the torch relay from Northolt to Walpole Park.

Acton Park was opened in 1888 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The park has a variety of recreational and sporting facilities, including a bowling green, tennis, football and basketball courts, a children’s playground and nature area with pond.  There are many opportunities on offer for young people and community organisation, Apple Play, runs educational and creative projects from the park’s art block.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “Northala Fields and Acton Park are well loved and often brimming with residents of all ages enjoying all they have to offer.  The involvement of local people in the parks is one of the reasons they have been given green flags. We are proud to be one of the greenest boroughs in London and I hope we can build on this success and apply for even more green flags in the coming years.” (more…)

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Image of the fantastic Northala Fields in Northolt West End by air - taken by Gordon Silva

Image of the fantastic Northala Fields in Northolt West End by air – taken by Gordon Silva

The Olympic Torch arrives in Ealing today, just three days before the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium.

Get into the spirit of the games by lining the relay route and cheering on the torchbearers – including Ealing Council’s own nominated torchbearers, Tom Thacker and Sydney Richards.

Read the information below to find out how to enjoy the Olympic Torch Relay in Ealing.

What is the Olympic Torch Relay route through Ealing?

The relay through Ealing starts at Northala Fields, Northolt. The torchbearers will then carry the flame towards Southall and along Uxbridge Road through Hanwell, West Ealing and on to Ealing High Street, Ealing Green, and St Mary’s Road, before reaching its final destination at Walpole Park.

To view the Olympic Torch Relay route through Ealing at street level, visit the London 2012 website, and enter ‘Ealing’ in the ‘Search the map’ box.

The relay will travel at approximately 4 miles an hour and each torchbearer will carry the torch for around 300 metres.

Approximate timings for the relay route through Ealing:

17:00: Northala Fields
17:16: Leaves Northala Fields
17:19: Kensington Road
17:25: Lady Margaret Road
17:47: Southall High Street
17:50: Uxbridge Road A4020
18:05: Hanwell
18:15: West Ealing
18:32: New Broadway A4020 (Ealing Town Hall)
18:34: High Street B455
18:37: Ealing Green
18:39: St Mary’s Road
18:44: Church Lane, Ealing
18:45: Culmington Road
18:47: Lammas Park Gardens
18:48: Walpole Park*

*Entry to the evening event site in Walpole Park is for people with tickets only. If you don’t have a ticket you can head to a separate area in Walpole Park to watch the action on a big screen. You won’t need a ticket to get into this area but the crowd capacity is limited. Find out more about the Olympic Torch Relay evening events.

Where should I stand to see the relay?

Please stay on the footpath at all times during the relay. You will not be able to stand on pedestrian refuges or traffic islands. Stewards along the relay route will give you advice and instructions about where you can and cannot stand on the day.

What time should I get to my chosen viewing point?

We recommend getting to your chosen viewing point at least one hour before the Olympic Torch is due to pass along your point.

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Veolia Water have announced today that they have lifted the temporary hosepipe ban that followed those dry summers with one that has barely began.  Below is an excerpt from their correspondence to councillors:

Dear Councillor
I am writing to inform you that Veolia Water Central is lifting its temporary use ban, with effect from today, Monday 9 July. This means that customers can use hosepipes from this date.
The ban was introduced on 5 April, following two consecutive autumn and winter periods of below average rainfall, which left much of the South East of England in drought conditions.
The temporary use ban has helped to reduce demand and conserve our water resources and we would like to thank our customers for their incredible support and we apologise for inconvenience caused by the ban.
The unprecedented rainfall since April has lead to a significant improvement in our water resources, which have now recovered sufficiently to allow us to lift the ban, without putting strain on the local environment. (more…)

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The below is a report from the Northolt West End Policing Safer Neighbourhood Team for July:

  • The team is running with 1 Sergeant, 1 PC and 3 PCSO’s. This will not change this month but as previously mentioned PC BUSS is leaving the team in August 2012. However, PC SHAMIM is still set to return to us at the end of July 2012.
  • Crime on the ward continues on a downward trend with Burglary and theft from motor vehicles remaining low. The ward has seen the highest drop in crime rates on the cluster currently running at -40%, which is a huge decrease.
  • We continue to have reports on street drinkers which we are obtaining ASBO’s on and are awaiting news from the ASBO team and the courts in relation to this. We also have reports of drug use and dealing at various locations on the ward, all of these locations are being patrolled and we are at this time focusing our efforts on our estates and tower blocks, with special attention being paid to Radcliffe Way, Wayfarer, Medlar Farm and Godfrey Avenue.
  • The second week in July will see the return of the Door Stop Project. The team will be working with Morrison’s PLC and LBE to give burglary advice and fit door chains and mirrors to vulnerable premises. At this time this is due to take place from 1000hrs on the 12th July in Medlar Farm. This may change between now and then, if you would like to come along and see what we are doing or to assist us then we would be more than happy to see you.
  • The team are working on warrants for premises on the Ward. If you have any information or know someone who does that you think may be of interest to the SNT then please let us know.

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Cabinet member for transport and environment, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz with children, parents and the deputy headteacher of St John’s Primary School

Families and teachers from St John’s Primary School are among those celebrating the introduction of traffic signals to make crossing a West Ealing junction safer.

Green man pedestrian crossings have been installed on all arms of Lido Junction where Uxbridge Road meets with Northfield Avenue and Drayton Green Road.

The council worked with Transport for London (TfL) to make the junction, which had the highest pedestrian accident rate in the borough, safer without having a significant impact on traffic flow.  Changes were also made to parking restrictions near the junction and a bus stop was moved on Drayton Green Road to improve traffic flow.

St John’s School previously added its voice for calls to make the junction safer for families to use. Deputy headteacher Vanda Hingle said the school is “delighted that this crossing has been improved.”

Elda Cardoso, mum of two children at St John’s Primary School in Felix Road used to go out of her way to use a crossing further along Uxbridge Road because she was so worried about crossing at the junction.

She said: “It was not safe and was really frightening to use because there was never time to get across. When my daughter was a baby I got stuck in the middle of the road with her pram and was very scared.”

Tahir Malik, father of three said: “It was very dangerous to cross there with children and I’m really glad that changes have been

The introduction of crossings was given the thumbs up by 90% of residents who took part in a consultation before the work began.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment said: “I am delighted that after a long campaign to persuade Transport for London to approve the changes, we finally have somewhere safer to cross at Lido Junction. This will make a big difference to the lives of West Ealing residents and I want to thank them for their support and patience.”

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