The Olympic Torch comes to Northolt & Ealing

Image of the fantastic Northala Fields in Northolt West End by air - taken by Gordon Silva
Image of the fantastic Northala Fields in Northolt West End by air – taken by Gordon Silva

The Olympic Torch arrives in Ealing today, just three days before the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium.

Get into the spirit of the games by lining the relay route and cheering on the torchbearers – including Ealing Council’s own nominated torchbearers, Tom Thacker and Sydney Richards.

Read the information below to find out how to enjoy the Olympic Torch Relay in Ealing.

What is the Olympic Torch Relay route through Ealing?

The relay through Ealing starts at Northala Fields, Northolt. The torchbearers will then carry the flame towards Southall and along Uxbridge Road through Hanwell, West Ealing and on to Ealing High Street, Ealing Green, and St Mary’s Road, before reaching its final destination at Walpole Park.

To view the Olympic Torch Relay route through Ealing at street level, visit the London 2012 website, and enter ‘Ealing’ in the ‘Search the map’ box.

The relay will travel at approximately 4 miles an hour and each torchbearer will carry the torch for around 300 metres.

Approximate timings for the relay route through Ealing:

17:00: Northala Fields
17:16: Leaves Northala Fields
17:19: Kensington Road
17:25: Lady Margaret Road
17:47: Southall High Street
17:50: Uxbridge Road A4020
18:05: Hanwell
18:15: West Ealing
18:32: New Broadway A4020 (Ealing Town Hall)
18:34: High Street B455
18:37: Ealing Green
18:39: St Mary’s Road
18:44: Church Lane, Ealing
18:45: Culmington Road
18:47: Lammas Park Gardens
18:48: Walpole Park*

*Entry to the evening event site in Walpole Park is for people with tickets only. If you don’t have a ticket you can head to a separate area in Walpole Park to watch the action on a big screen. You won’t need a ticket to get into this area but the crowd capacity is limited. Find out more about the Olympic Torch Relay evening events.

Where should I stand to see the relay?

Please stay on the footpath at all times during the relay. You will not be able to stand on pedestrian refuges or traffic islands. Stewards along the relay route will give you advice and instructions about where you can and cannot stand on the day.

What time should I get to my chosen viewing point?

We recommend getting to your chosen viewing point at least one hour before the Olympic Torch is due to pass along your point.