Tackling the gum eyesore in Greenford

Ealing Council is hitting the streets in Greenford Broadway to tackle the sticky problem of gum on the pavement.
Chewing gum spat on the street leaves stubborn stains which are expensive and difficult to remove. This month the council will be blitzing gum stains in the area using specialist cleaning equipment.

The removal process involves using a mixture of chemicals and steam to dissolve the gum, before scraping it off, one piece at a time.

The council has also been giving away free gum pouches, encouraging people to wrap up their gum until they can find a litter bin.

Both initiatives have been partly funded by Greenford Broadway’s ward forum, to help clean up the newly paved town centre, and tackle gum littering in the area.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment and transport said: “Dropping or spitting gum on the street is a disgusting habit, not only is it unsightly it also causes distress for people who are unfortunate enough to get it on their shoes or clothing. It is anti-social and people risk a £80 fine for littering.

“Greenford Broadway is one of the worst affected areas in the borough. It’s an issue that is avoidable if people wrap their gum in a tissue or piece of paper before putting it in a bin. That’s why we’re encouraging them to dispose of gum correctly by giving out the pouches.“