Labour Council outspends Tories on road resurfacing

Ealing Council’s cabinet has agreed to invest £4.6 million to improve roads and pavements across the borough in the coming year.
This year, the council will spend £4.1 million on renewing roads and £500,000 on pavements. The road spending includes £1.2 million approved last November.

In addition, Transport for London has awarded Ealing Council £870,000 to spend on improving main roads in the borough. This brings the total spend on road and pavement resurfacing in Ealing to £5.5 million for the next financial year.

A survey of all the roads and pavements in the borough is carried out every year. Only independent, accredited survey companies can carry out this work. Surveyors walk the entire length of the road network looking for defects such as potholes, cracking, wheel-track rutting and other signs of deterioration and damage.

Each road is then given a condition rating on a scale of 1-100. Those with a low rating are considered to be in a good condition. Those with a high rating are judged to be in a poor condition and are targeted for resurfacing. The higher the rating, the sooner the works will take place. The survey takes place every year, because some roads degrade at a faster rate than others.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “Road and pavement resurfacing is an important priority for many residents. So I am delighted that we have been able to allocate considerable funds again this year to resurface the roads and pavements most in need across the borough. This work will be carried out in addition to the repairs and maintenance that have already been taking place in many of our local shopping parades.”

Over the past four years we have spent more than the Tories ever committed for the same period on road resurfacing, despite the massive cuts inflicting by their government.”

The full list of roads and footways scheduled for improvement in 2014/15 is available online.