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Good news came for cyclists in Ealing this week when Transport for London (TfL) confirmed it will fund key components of the council’s comprehensive mini-Holland bid.
In a letter addressed to Ealing’s leader, Councillor Julian Bell, London’s cycling commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, and managing director of surface transport for TfL, Leon Daniels, said Ealing would receive ‘substantial funding’ – which could be up to £15million – to deliver several of the objectives set out in the bid submitted to the Mayor of London last September.

In the letter, the TfL officials praised the council for identifying the one-way system in Ealing’s town centre as the borough’s key problem in cycling. It read: “Few routes in the centre of the borough are possible without passing through the town centre, which is currently rather intimidating for cyclists. The borough’s town centre proposal creates the possibility for transformative change and we will work with you to deliver it.”

The letter also mentioned that it was keen to support the implementation of the council’s proposed Uxbridge Road cycle route, as well as a number of quietway routes and the link to the new A40 superhighway.

Councillor Julian Bell said: “This is an immensely positive step towards revolutionising travel in Ealing by making it safer and more appealing for all levels of cyclists. We are doing everything we can to secure as much funding as possible from the Mini-Holland pot to carry out our cycling improvement plans. We will also be looking to identify other funds from TfL and from sources such as s106 to deliver the entire Mini-Holland bid.”

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “It is essential that we continue to improve the conditions for cyclists in Ealing, especially as it will encourage more people to take to two wheels. The council will enter into detailed discussions with TfL in the next few weeks to negotiate the funding needed to improve cycling in Ealing.”

The letter from TfL also applauded Ealing’s strong track record of delivery, as well as the exceptional personal commitment shown by councillors and officers.

Last month, Ealing was named along with Kingston, Enfield, Waltham Forest, Bexley, Merton, Richmond and Newham as the recipients of the £100million Mini-Holland funding pot. Kingston, Enfield and Waltham Forest are to receive up to £30million each to implement their full cycling plans. The exact amount of funding Ealing will receive is still to be confirmed.

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Ealing Council will introduce new ways of paying for parking this month, making it easier for carers to carry out their work in the borough.

Two new kinds of carer’s permit are now available. The professional carer permit will allow people whose work involves providing regular care to several people to park in up to five different controlled parking zones (CPZs) for just £45 a year.

The new personal carer permit also costs £45. This works differently by allowing people who live in a CPZ zone to apply for a permit so their professional carer can park near their home. Both permits will help support vulnerable residents, and the people who care for them.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to deliver these new permits. As a council, we value the work that our carers do in the borough and want to support them, and the vulnerable people that they help, in any way we can.”

To apply for a carer’s permit, go to

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Ealing Council’s safety improvements at one of the busiest junctions in the borough have resulted in a 300% reduction in pedestrian accidents and a drop of 70% in vehicle collision rates.

The junction at Uxbridge Road which meets Northfield Avenue and Drayton Green Road, commonly known as Lido Junction, previously had the highest pedestrian accident rate in the borough, with eight times the borough average of pedestrian collisions.

The council worked with Transport for London in 2012 to install green man crossings on all arms of the junction, making changes to parking and loading restrictions and also removing a bus stop on Drayton Green Road.

The impact of the Lido Junction scheme was recognised at the recent 2014 London Transport Awards where the council won the ‘most effective road safety, traffic management and enforcement’ category.

In addition, the council’s transport planning team was also highly commended for its Biking Schools programme, and school travel advisor, Maree O’Neill, was crowned Young Transport Professional of the Year at the awards ceremony held earlier this month.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment said: “The installation of green man signals at Lido junction has made a huge difference to people living and working in West Ealing, making it much safer and easier to cross the road. This was always the aim of the Lido junction scheme and I am delighted that there has been a significant improvement in road safety. I am also pleased that our efforts have been recognised at the London Transport Awards.”

“Congratulations also go to officers who work hard to ensure children are equipped with the skills to ride their bikes through the Ealing Biking Schools programme and to Maree O’Neill for her work with schools.”

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Ealing residents’ efforts to recycle more and throw away less rubbish have resulted in the highest ever winter recycling rates for the borough.
From December 2013 to February 2014, recycling increased by 5% and household waste reduced by 1%, compared to the same period the year before.

The amount of Christmas trees recycled in 2014, also doubled compared to last year, and will greatly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, as these trees are turned into compost rather than sent to rot in landfill.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment and transport said ‘‘I am thrilled at the rise in recycling and the reduction in household waste over winter, and would like to thank residents for their remarkable efforts to achieve this. These results show that by making even a small change the effects can be huge.

“The council is making a concerted effort to come up with imaginative ways to encourage residents to recycle more and help us reach our 50% by 2020 target. Last year’s civic Christmas tree outside Ealing Town Hall [pictured] made from 900 recycled plastic bottles, the same amount used in the UK every 2 seconds, certainly grabbed people’s attention and was designed to make people think more about recycling.”

The council also launched a residents’ rewards scheme on Monday giving people who recycle discounts and offers, and the opportunity to donate to community projects for more details

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Ealing Council became the largest borough in London to roll-out residents rewards for recycling, through incentive-based recycling scheme Greenredeem. Households who sign-up to the free Greenredeem initiative can earn points for recycling and other everyday green actions.

By introducing the incentive-based recycling scheme Greenredeem, the council wants to boost recycling across the borough.

Households can earn on average £70 in valuable rewards each year. Points earned can be redeemed for discounts and offers at more than 100 local and national retail outlets, restaurants and leisure facilities. National partners involved in the rewards scheme include the likes of Marks & Spencer, Cineworld, Red Letter Days and Cycle Surgery. Every Ealing household registering will be given 100 points automatically and will earn 50 points more for visiting the website to learn about the scheme.

Residents simply tell Greenredeem every week that they’ve recycled, either at, through a free smartphone app, or by calling the Greenredeem customer care team. For every week that a resident logs that they’ve recycled they will receive 10 points, and then at the end of the month there’s a bonus for the amount of recycling collected in the community.

As well as rewarding themselves, residents will also be able to donate points to local community projects. Commenting on the initiative at the roll out event at Pitzhanger Manor, Council Leader Julian Bell said: “I am delighted we are introducing this new Residents’ Rewards Scheme for those who recycle. Being green will now be even better for your pocket, with discounts at local and national stores, and there will also be opportunities to support local projects.”

Local Ealing businesses already signed-up to the scheme include Toni & Guy, Harris and Hoole, Tranquility, London Bike Hub and Gurnell and Northolt Leisure Centres. Commenting on the economic benefits of the scheme Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment and transport added: “It’s win-win for local businesses getting involved, not only are they boosting their green credentials, but as Ealing’s 130,000 households start to redeem their points businesses will see a boost in custom too.”

Rob Crumbie at Greenredeem commented on the Ealing launch: “We’re delighted Ealing Council is taking such positive steps to encourage green action, by implementing the Residents’ Rewards Scheme to all households in the borough. In other parts of the UK, Greenredeem’s reward schemes have already increased recycling rates by three times the national average, improving the local environment, helping local businesses and saving local councils money through reduced landfill taxes, which can then be reinvested in the local community.”

To activate and view their Greenredeem account residents should visit, using the PIN from their registration mailer which was mailed to every household in the borough from 24 March. Residents can also register by downloading the free smartphone app on iPhone and Android. Alternatively, residents can call Greenredeem’s customer service team on 0844 409 9490.

Residents who would like further information on the scheme should visit

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