Ealing Council wins transport award for Bike Swap scheme

Ealing Council’s Bike Swap initiative, developed in partnership with The Bicycle Society has won a sustainable travel award.

Bike Swap Modeshift Award

Designed to recognise and reward members for schemes, projects and other activities that support and encourage sustainable travel, the Council won the award for cycling on Thursday, 6 November.
The Bike Swap scheme involves parents and pupils bringing in bikes; which they may have outgrown, to swap for suitably sized models. Bikes are dropped off at the beginning of school, they are fixed by mechanics and the swapping occurs after school. Pupils also have the opportunity to purchase accessories including helmets and locks.
The project is part of a drive to get more school children to cycle to school. Ealing Council teamed up with St Gregory’s RC Primary School to trial the Bike Swap initially and have now rolled out the scheme to other biking schools in the borough.
For details on the Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards, please visit www.modeshift.org.uk/2014-awards or to find out more about the council’s Bike Swap initiative, please email TelkmanK@ealing.gov.uk