Selfish school run drivers told to keep the zig-zags clear

Ealing Council is responding to safety concerns from parents, residents and head teachers by using CCTV to crack down on dangerous drivers who park on the yellow zig-zag markings outside schools.

cctv car

Yellow markings outside schools provide a clear space for children to cross safely where they can see traffic and traffic can see them. No parking, waiting or loading is permitted during the enforceable hours, however some motorists put children in danger by stopping on them.

The increased enforcement starts on 1 June and the council will be deploying mobile CCTV cars to catch drivers. Those caught on the yellow ‘SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR’ zig-zag markings within the controlled hours will be issued with a penalty charge notice of £110, reduced to £55 if paid within 21 days.

Motorists will continue to be permitted to park in a resident’s parking space for up to 10 minutes whilst dropping off or collecting children.

The council will also be working with schools to encourage parents and drivers take the ‘Parking Pledge’. They will be asked to help keep children safe by promising to park away from the school and instead taking a short walk to the school gates.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure, said: “Parking on zig-zag lines outside of schools is both dangerous and selfish. Parents and head teachers tell me time and time again they are at their wits end worrying about the safety of our children and trying to get through to those who decide to flout the rules.

“There is never a good excuse to park on zig-zags or yellow lines. I make no apologies for issuing tickets to these selfish school run drivers; if they don’t want to a penalty charge notice, they should stop elsewhere. Our mobile CCTV camera cars can patrol multiple schools and we will be targeting those with the biggest number of problem drivers. If you drive to school, park away from the school gates or you will get a ticket.”