Ealing Council invites residents to think big

Ealing Council will be spending £410,000 to help spruce up open spaces across the borough as part of the second round of its Transform Your Space initiative.

transform your space lightbulb

Transform Your Space is a scheme which invites residents to ‘think big and think creative’ to identify outdoor community spaces across the borough that are unused or unloved and suggest what the space could be better used for.

Projects need to show how the improvements would benefit the local community and that local people support the plans.   Projects could include creating new green spaces, clearing outdoor areas for small community events or outdoor dining – the possibilities are endless.

In the first round of Transform Your Space initiative in 2014, the council picked 15 projects of different sizes to help improve community spaces across the borough.

Cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, said: “We know there is an appetite for people wanting to improve where they live – the first round of applications were really impressive. This is another opportunity to think outside of the box and tell us about projects that you think will make a real difference to people’s lives and show that you have local support for the plans.”

For more information about the kinds of projects that will be considered for transformation, as well as helpful advice and tips visit Bubble. Once an idea has been developed it will need to be uploaded onto Spacehive, to start crowdfunding and gathering local support for the plans.

Projects need to be live on Spacehive, with the code TYS2 in the title by midnight on Saturday, 31 October. The successful projects will be selected in the autumn and will share the council funding.