Take a walk through the wild side

Red tail racer snakes, bearded dragons and poison dart frogs are just some of the residents to be found living in the new animal walkthrough in Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre, Hanwell.

Ealing Council is inviting residents and visitors to explore the newly refurbished mini jungle enclosure and get closer to the exotic reptiles and spiders in the popular Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre, known locally as the Bunny Park.

The mini jungle’s residents include:

Pashto, the leopard gecko

Tango the inland bearded dragon

A Biak green tree python

A pair of red tail racer constrictor snakes

Monkey lizards

and yellow banded poison dart frogs.

They will soon be joined by eight Sulcata tortoises currently being looked after by the park’s team in quarantine until they are ready to be relocated for public viewing.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “The new jungle walkthrough enclosure is an absolutely astounding addition to the already amazing Animal Centre at Bunny Park.  Children and adults of all ages will be eager to enter this exciting enclosure to view these exotic extras in addition to the already popular butterfly house.   There are now even more reasons for the Bunny Park Animal centre to be top of your list of places to visit this summer.”

The butterfly and reptile enclosure will be open from 11am to 4pm until the autumn. Entry is £2 per person and there is a park gift shop for visitors to buy small pocket-money toys and make donations to the animals’ upkeep and conservation in the park.

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