Green is the new black

Ealing Council is asking Black Friday shoppers to dispose of their old, unwanted electricals responsibly by recycling broken items using one of 15 sites across the borough or donating to charity.

computer monitors

Black Friday is a day when retailers tempt shoppers with big discounts on electrical goods and this year it takes place on 27 November. The council is calling the next day, 28 November, Green Saturday and is asking residents to use this day to do the right thing with any broken or unwanted appliances that they have replaced or upgraded in the Black Friday sales.

The council will be running a Twitter campaign using the hashtags #greenisthenewblack and #GreenSaturday. They will be urging shoppers to recycle or reuse electrical items and will also be asking large retailers to encourage their customers to do the same.

The UK produces around 1.2 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste each year; the equivalent of 150,000 double decker buses. But items like kitchen appliances, mobile phones, computers, TV’s, electrical and electronic tools all contain valuable metals and components that can be reused again and again if they are sent for recycling. However, if electrical items end up in landfill, hazardous substances can leak out causing soil and water contamination.

Small electrical items and household appliances can be left for free in one of the neighbourhood recycling banks dotted around the borough. They can also be left at the council’s re-use and recycling centres in Greenford and Acton along with items such as computers, vacuum cleaners and televisions.

Larger household appliances such as fridges, washing machines and freezers can be disposed of for free at Greenford Road Re-use and Recycling Centre. Many major retailers also offer a collection service when a new item is delivered, often for a small fee. Residents also have the option of selling working items using online auction and recycling sites.

In addition, the Furnish Re-Use Centre in Fairway Drive, Greenford, accepts donations of working electrical items, white goods (fridges, freezers, washing machines) and IT equipment. These are passed on to schools, community groups and households so they can be reused.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure said: “We throw away far too many things without thinking about it and big sales like Black Friday dramatically increase the amount of waste that we produce. I would like Ealing residents to embrace the idea of Green Saturday and send their unwanted or broken electrical items to be reused and recycled instead of putting them in the rubbish bin.

“Broken items like mobile phones, computers and old irons contain valuable metals such as steel, gold and platinum; all of which can be extracted and used again. And if residents are upgrading to a new TV or washing machine, there are lots of people and groups that would welcome their old appliances.”

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