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Have a recycled Christmas

Ealing Council is reminding residents how easy it is to recycle over the Christmas season.20131202-221734.jpg

Most families throw away much more food than normal over Christmas, but turkey bones, coffee grounds and leftover Christmas dinner can all be disposed of in the green food bin instead of the black refuse sack or bin. And freezing leftovers for another day saves money as well as reduces waste. Food disposed of using the green bin is used to create energy and fertilizer and disposing of it this way stops the refuse bin from smelling.

Lots of common household items can be recycled from home, including plastic drink bottles, meat trays, tubs and cartons, as well as plastic toiletry and cleaning bottles.

Cardboard packaging from toys, chocolate boxes and food packaging along with glass bottles, drink and food cans and aerosols can also be given another lease of life. And old Christmas cards, envelopes and wrapping paper can also be recycled, but only if they don’t contain foil or glitter.

Residents that are having a pre-Christmas clear out of clothes, furniture and appliances can recycle or reuse in several different ways. Furniture and working electrical items can be reused at the Furnish Re-Use Centre, Greenford. For more information, go Unwanted clothes, textiles and shoes (tied in pairs) can also be placed in a plastic bag in the green box or donated using one of the clothes banks in the borough.

People that live in flats or on red routes can also recycle a wide range of items using either communal recycling bins or clear sacks.

This year, Ealing Council is again offering a free recycling service for real Christmas trees. Once again, residents will be able to leave their tree with their recycling and refuse on their normal collection day, or take it to a number of drop-off points around the borough.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “Christmas is the season for giving and recycling is a great way to give to your local community and to the environment. Ealing spent £8million on landfill charges last year; money that could be better spent on our local area. By recycling, residents are helping to reduce our waste disposal bill and are also saving valuable resources and energy.

“When the new recycling and refuse service starts next year, it will be even easier to do the right thing, because all recycling, except for food waste, will go in one wheelie bin, with refuse in another. This will mean that residents will be able to recycle even more, helping to keep our costs down and streets clean.”

To find out what can be recycled from Ealing homes over Christmas, go

For tips on portion sizes and using leftovers, go to

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School run drivers warned to park safely

DSC_0942 (1)

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz with Head, police and traffic wardens outside Ravenor School, Greenford during #RoadSafetyWeek

Ealing Council and the Police are warning drivers about the dangers of parking on the yellow zig-zag markings outside schools.

The yellow markings are there to provide a clear space for children to cross where they can see traffic and traffic can see them, and motorists put children in danger by parking on them.

Police and council teams ask parents to help keep children safe by parking away from schools and instead take a short walk to the school gates.

Earlier this year the council increased enforcement against illegal parking on zig-zags with the use of CCTV to crack down on dangerous drivers. This was in response to concerns about safety from parents, head teachers and residents.

Those caught on the yellow ‘SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR’ zig-zag markings within the controlled hours will be issued with a penalty charge notice of £110, reduced to £55 if paid within 21 days.

Motorists are permitted to park in a resident’s parking space for up to 10 minutes whilst dropping off or collecting children.

The council’s school travel team works closely with head teachers in the borough to help them promote the health and environmental benefits to parents and carers of walking their children to school.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure, said: “Parents and head teachers tell me all the time how worried they are about the safety of children outside their schools because of selfish drivers who park on zig-zag lines.  This makes it harder for children to see when they cross the road and for drivers to see them. It also forces them to cross between parked cars. I make no apologies for issuing tickets, even if you do need to drive to school, there is never an excuse for parking dangerously – our children’s safety is absolute priority.”

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