Love Ealing and recycle this Valentine’s Day

Leftovers and peelings from home-cooked romantic meals for two should all be disposed of in the small green food waste bin. When food waste is thrown away in rubbish bins, it smells and can attract foxes and other vermin.

Food waste that goes to landfill is also bad for the environment, because as it breaks down it produces methane, a gas that affects global warming and is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

But, food that goes into the green food waste bin is taken to a special recycling plant where it is turned into electricity that is fed back into the national grid and used to power homes.

And when the red roses have wilted they can be composted or residents that subscribe to the garden waste collection service can place them in their green bag or wheelie bin. The garden waste service conveniently collects garden clippings and prunings from the door for £60 a year.

Old Valentine cards, cardboard from chocolate boxes, glass wine bottles and plastic packaging can all be recycled using the green box and white sacks, or for residents that live in flats or on red routes, using their clear mixed recycling sacks or communal recycling bins.

When the improved recycling and rubbish collection service starts in late spring, it will be even easier for people who use green boxes to recycle these items, because they will all be put together in a new, blue wheelie bin rather than having to be separated into different containers.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “When the flowers have faded and the romantic meal is a distant memory, local people can still express their love for the borough by doing the right thing and recycling their waste. Ealing Council is charged for every bag of rubbish that isn’t recycled and we paid out £8million in landfill charges last year which is money that could be better spent on our local parks and roads so I’m asking everyone to show they care for Ealing and recycle as much as possible this Valentine’s Day.”

For a full list of what can be recycled from home, go to