Children given the chance to play in the street

stencil20green20laneEaling Council is inviting residents to set up their own PlayStreet to allow children to play safely in their roads.

During a PlayStreet, the road is closed for up to three hours so that children can have fun and play safely. PlayStreets are set up and run by residents but the council provides them with the required documents and applies for a temporary traffic order on their behalf so that the road can be closed.

There are 25 PlayStreets across the borough and once a PlayStreet has been set up they can be held monthly in the same street. Setting up the first event takes around eight weeks to allow time for organisers to consult with their neighbours and process the road closure order.

Cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz said: “With spring around the corner PlayStreets offer a great opportunity to reclaim your road and make it safe for kids to enjoy playing in the street. It’s also a fantastic chance to meet and get to know your neighbours and rekindle that community spark.

“Everyone I have spoken to who have introduced one in their street feels it has had such a positive effect. I’d encourage residents to come forward, setting one up is child’s play.”

Vanessa Folley from Beaumont Road, Chiswick wrote after one PlayStreet: “Heaps of people came out including a family who moved in last week – how great to welcome them with that. People are already talking about the next one so all in all a huge success.”

More information on how to get involved can be found at