Look out for your letter on wheelie bins

Letters will be delivered in white envelopes with a picture of a wheelie bin and an Ealing Council logo and are being sent to households over the next few weeks. The letters give details of the collection service for each individual address. A leaflet is also enclosed giving more information on the new service and how to recycle more. A personalised collection calendar is also included.

The council has launched a Facebook page devoted to the new collection service at www.facebook.com/ealingrecycling. Residents that ‘like’ the page will receive updates as the service changes over and useful tips on how to recycle more.

From 6 June, most households in the borough will use a blue wheelie bin for their mixed recycling and a black wheelie bin for their rubbish. The bins will be collected on alternate weeks with recycling picked up one week and rubbish on the other.

Residents in Southall, some parts of north Greenford and Alperton already use a black wheelie bin for their rubbish. They will keep these and receive an additional blue one for their mixed recycling. Wheelie bins will start to be delivered across the borough from May.

Green food waste bins will continue to be collected every week. Residents that require a replacement food waste bin can order one free of charge at www.ealing.gov.uk/reportit

Some properties that are unsuitable for wheelie bins will have different arrangements and some will keep their existing arrangements. The personalised letters will give details of how their service will work from June.

Residents are advised to open their letters straight away and read them carefully. As well as containing details of their collection arrangements, the letter also gives useful information such as how to ask for extra help moving wheelie bins on collection day and a web link that residents can use to request a different sized bin.

Residents living in flats that use communal recycling and waste bins will be unaffected and will not be written to. However, they should look out for a leaflet delivered to their door in the next few months giving details of improvements to their recycling service.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “This new service is going to be a big improvement. Wheelie bins will make it easier for people to recycle more meaning less waste will be sent to landfill, and they will also keep our streets cleaner by cutting down on the number of black bags ripped open by foxes. And because wheelie bins will be collected on alternate weeks, residents will see fewer trucks on the road, meaning less pollution and congestion on local streets.

“As we change over to the new collection system we are doing all we can to keep residents updated. I encourage everyone to read their letter and leaflet when they arrive and to visit our website which has further information about the new service.”

For more information, go to www.ealing.gov.uk/bins. To ‘like’ the Facebook page, go to www.facebook.com/ealingrecycling.