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The new process means that in future new CPZs will now only be considered when there is existing evidence of significant pressure on parking spaces. Previously, they could be considered after requests from local councillors and residents and no overwhelming evidence of parking pressure was required prior to consultation.

The council has carried out parking surveys across the borough and has identified 21 areas where parking pressures are high. These schemes will now be put forward for public consultation over the next three years; seven in this financial year, seven in 2017/18 and seven in 2018/19.

The first seven schemes are Hanwell Station, Southall Broadway, South Ealing Trees Estate, Greenford South, West Ealing, Northfield Avenue West and Hanwell Town Centre.

The information provided as part of the consultation process will be refreshed and improved. There will now be no minimum response rate and at least 50% of respondents must be in favour for the scheme to go ahead. However, where response rates are considered low, or the difference in support is marginal, schemes may be reviewed.

Council officers have been given greater flexibility to alter schemes during the consultation process to better respond to concerns around parking displacement. The requirement to carry out an expensive review of new CPZ schemes after one year has also been removed.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “Parking can be a big issue in roads where demand is high and our proposed CPZ programme is intended to anticipate this increasing demand and put in place schemes that work for residents and enable them to park in their local roads.

“Even though we have identified these areas as having high parking pressures, local residents will be the ultimate decision makers and new schemes will still need majority support to move forward. I encourage the residents of the first seven schemes to look out for their consultation documents and make sure they speak to their neighbours and give their views.”

The decision was taken by Ealing Council’s cabinet on Tuesday, 14 June. A list of all 21 proposed schemes can be found on the council’s website.

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June/July 2016 report from the Northolt West End Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

NWE SNT June-July 2016 Newsletter

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In June, the first month of the new service, 55% of all household waste was recycled. This compares to 48% last June- an increase of 7 percentage points and above the ‘50% by 2018’ annual recycling target that the council set for itself.bassam-wheelies

In Southall, the number of households participating in the council’s kerbside recycling service has jumped from 49% before the new service began to 73%. This is an increase of 24% meaning that many more households are recycling from home than previously.

More residents than ever are also taking part in the food waste recycling service. Before the service change, 35,000 green food waste bins were in use in the borough. An additional 7000 have been handed out as part of the service change and 150 extra tonnes of food waste was collected this June than in the previous month.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “I would like to say thank you to all of our residents who have used their blue wheelie bins and green food waste bins to recycle more in June. The increase in food waste participation is particularly encouraging, because of the huge impact this makes environmentally and financially for the council and our residents.

“The service is now working well on the whole, but we are aware that some problems remain in parts of the borough and are working closely with our contractor, and residents, to iron these out. I’m grateful for people’s patience and we will continue to do our best to help everyone to recycle as much as possible.”

More information about the new service, including collection schedules, is available

Green food waste bins can be ordered

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Blue badges are issued to people with serious mobility problems and disabilities. They allow people who need extra help to park closer to their home or destination and must only be used if the person issued with the badge is present or has been dropped off or is being collected.

The wrongful use of a blue badge is a criminal offence and can result in a hefty fine, a criminal prosecution and even a prison sentence.

As part of a determined crackdown on misuse, council officers have been patrolling in the borough’s town centres catching drivers red-handed. One of the recently seized badges was taken last August from a driver who was spotted by investigators displaying a blue badge when parked in Ealing Broadway.

When the driver was challenged by undercover officers she claimed that the badge was her mother-in-law’s who she had dropped off at nearby shops, but when the officers called the driver’s mother-in-law on the telephone she confirmed that she was actually at home.

The driver was found guilty in Ealing Magistrate’s Court of misuse of the blue badge in January 2016. She was fined £950 plus costs, a total of £1,395 and now has a criminal record.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “I am always pleased to hear of cases like this where selfish drivers are punished for fraudulently using blue badges. People are issued with blue badges when they have real difficulty in getting around and they should only be used if the badge-holder is present.

“People may think they are doing no harm if they quickly use a blue badge that doesn’t belong to them, but what these drivers need to realise is that they are usually blocking someone with genuine mobility problems from being able to park and are breaking the law.”

Residents that suspect someone of using a blue badge fraudulently, or who would like to report a blue badge as being lost or stolen or let us know that the badge holder has died, should call 020 8825 8161.

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