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This compares to 43% in July last year, a massive increase of 11% points.

Following the launch of the alternate weekly wheelie bin collection service in June, the latest figures highlight that a growing number of households across Ealing recycling more at home.

More residents than ever are also taking part in the food waste recycling service. Before the service change, 35,000 green food waste bins were in use in the borough. An additional 9500 have been handed out since the service change. In June and July Ealing Council collected 1122 tonnes of food waste compared to the same period in 2015, which was 795. This is an difference of 327 tonnes.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “These latest figures are a clear indication that the new service is helping households across the borough to recycle more and to do their part in helping the environment.  I would like to thank all of our residents who have used their blue wheelie bins and green food waste bins.

“The feedback I’ve received is that residents love how easy it is to recycle and it encourages everyone to get involved and throw away less. It’s clearly reflected in the massive uptake in recycling across the borough, thank you.”

Ealing Council is also reminding residents that there will be no change to their collection over the bank holiday – with crews working on Bank Holiday Monday. Residents should put their wheelie bins out on their normal collection day.

Residents can check their collection day online the council’s website at

More information about the new service, including collection schedules, can be found at

Green food waste bins can be ordered at

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bassam-wheeliesEaling Council is reminding residents that rubbish and recycling collection crews will be working on bank holiday Monday to ensure there will be no disruption to services during the August bank holiday week.

Residents whose normal collection day falls on bank holiday Monday should present their blue or black wheelie bin and green food waste bin for collection before 7am on Monday at the boundary of their property as normal. Collections taking place for the rest of week will also remain unchanged. Residents can check their collection day on the council’s website

The council is reminding residents that if they put their bin out on the wrong day their rubbish or recycling will not be picked up until their next scheduled collection day.

Under the new alternate weekly collection system, collections will always take place on bank holidays, except over the Christmas and New Year period. This includes over Easter when collections will take place on Good Friday and Easter Monday as scheduled.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “Feedback on the new recycling service is that it’s even easier to use and recycling figures so far show that more people are taking part.  One of the issues with the old system was the constant changing around bank holidays and some people putting it out on the wrong day.  So, another benefit of the new service is that other than around Christmas and New Year, your collection days do not change, making it easier for everyone to recycle.

“There is information on collections during the bank holiday week in the latest edition of Around Ealing. We will be posting reminders on social media and delivering postcards to households.”

More information on recycling and rubbish collections in Ealing is available at

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bassam_webEaling Council successfully prosecuted 35 people last week for dropping litter in the borough’s streets. With the exception of one, each are faced with a £530 fine, which includes their court costs, as well as a criminal record.

The council is taking a tough stance against littering, spitting and dog-fouling with dozens of people being caught red-handed since the council’s environmental enforcement contractor, Kingdom Security, started patrolling the streets last September.

Those caught are initially issued with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of £80, the maximum penalty for this type of offence. People who fail to pay after being sent a reminder are being referred to the council’s legal team for prosecution.

The Kingdom Security patrols are part of wider council enforcement action to clean up local streets. In addition to the litter patrols, Kingdom Security is also part of joint operations with the police and council officers to catch people who are fly-tipping. The council recently agreed to increase its FPN amount for fly-tipping up to £400.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “Everyone has a part to play in helping to keep our streets clean and there is no excuse for dropping litter or cigarette butts, or spitting. For most people, getting an £80 fixed penalty notice is exactly the wake-up call they need to stop this dirty and selfish habit and the fact that most FPNs are paid quickly and without dispute shows that they accept they were in the wrong.

“For those people who think we aren’t taking this issue seriously, I hope that these prosecutions show that we are prepared to use our full legal powers to keep the streets clean. A simple £80 charge can escalate into a criminal record and a fine of hundreds of pounds. It’s much easier to simply put it in the bin in the first place.”

Residents can report littering and dog fouling online at

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Councillor Julian Bell, leader of Ealing Council, and Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, joined a special team of recycling advisors going door to door giving advice and support to residents on how to use the new alternate weekly collection service.

The advisors have visited more than 10,000 households so far and expect to visit in excess of 20,000 in total.

Councillor Bell and Councillor Mahfouz joined the team as they visited residents in Hobbayne ward on Friday, 5 August. The councillors paired up with the recycling advisors to go door knocking on Shakespeare Road, meeting some of the residents and providing them with additional hints and tips about recycling.  It also offered the councillors the valuable opportunity to hear feedback directly from residents about the new waste service since it was rolled out on 6 June.

Earlier in the week, the team was talking to residents living in flats above shops in South Ealing; some of whom had been leaving their black sacks on the street instead of using their collection service on the correct day. Evidence gathered by council officers and collection crews indicates that these properties, as well as houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) are the source of many of the black sacks being dumped on the borough’s streets since 6 June.

The visits are intended to initially offer extra help and support to residents. However, if the same problems persist, they may be referred to the council’s fly-tipping team for enforcement action which could result in a fixed penalty notice of £400 being issued or criminal prosecution.

Councillor Mahfouz said: “The new service is working well for the majority of residents and by making recycling so easy we have seen recycling rates jump from 48% to 55% in the first month. The residents I met this afternoon spoke very positively about the new service and is pleased with the new wheelie bins. I want to thank residents for recycling and encourage people to recycle even more.

“We are visiting some households that have experienced ongoing issues or who need extra support so that we resolve problems and ensure people know how to put out their bins and what they can recycle.

“However where we come across people dumping rubbish bags on our streets enforcement action will follow.”

Councillor Bell said: “There is plenty of general support and advice available, but we know that some people respond better to the personal touch. We are determined to get to the bottom of why some people are experiencing persistent issues with the new service and we want to put in place long-term solutions that fix them once and for all.”

Information and advice about the new service is available at or on the council’s Facebook page at

Dumped rubbish can be reported at

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Ealing is one of the first boroughs to adopt the higher rate fixed penalty notice as part of London-wide crack down to keep the capital clean.

Fly-tipping of household and business waste is a serious offence which can lead to a criminal prosecution. The council has been tackling the problem in Ealing through a mixed approach of giving one-to-one advice and support on the doorstep alongside tough enforcement.

A special team from the council’s recycling service has been knocking on doors in areas where problems are occurring, talking to residents to find out the causes of persistent issues and to put in place lasting solutions. Households that continue to dump black bags on the street after these visits are being referred to the council’s enforcement team so action can be taken against them.

At the same time, council officers and staff from its environmental enforcement contractor, Kingdom, have been patrolling the borough to catch offenders red-handed. To date, 111 of fixed penalty notices have been given to fly-tippers since 6 June.

Council officers have also been running joint operations with the police as well as using resident reports, searching through dumped bags, and using CCTV and mobile cameras in areas that attract fly-tippers. This information is being used to catch the culprits red handed and build a comprehensive picture of problem areas, and the causes of the fly-tips, so that more targeted action can be taken.

In one recent case, the council helped to catch fly-tippers illegally dumping rubbish outside of a dentist in Southall. After complaints were made, council officers visited the premises daily, searching through the rubbish bags before clearing them and using CCTV footage to identify those responsible. On one of their visits officers caught the fly-tippers in the act and they have now been issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “The vast majority of residents and business are law abiding and care about the neighbourhood they live in.  Like me, they are disgusted by the behaviour of the few people who feel they can act in an appalling manner by fly-tipping their rubbish rather than getting rid of it legally.

“If people are experiencing a problem using the rubbish and recycling service, help and support is available, but there is never any excuse for fly-tipping.  That’s why we’ve increased the number of staff on the streets seeking to fine for this offence and deployed officers from Kingdom to catch the culprits.

“I ask residents to help us by being additional eyes and ears to identify those responsible so we can crack down on this selfishness.”

Residents are asked to report cases of fly-tipping here.

More information about the borough’s reuse and recycling centres, how to arrange a bulky waste collection and how to find scheduled collection days, is available here.

Residents can check whether a waste clearance company is licensed and legal by entering their details here.

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Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag awards recognise and reward the best parks and green spaces across the country. A Green Flag flying is a sign that identifies the park for its high standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities.

In total, 18 Green Flags were awarded to the council this summer: Two more than last year and the most ever achieved in the borough. Heathfield Gardens, Acton and Montpelier Park, Ealing received the accolade for the first time this year.

The 2016 Green Flag Award parks are:
Acton Green Common
Acton Park
Bramley Road Open Space
Brent Lodge Park and Churchfields
Heathfield Gardens
Islip Manor Park
Kind George’s Playing Field
Lammas Park
Montpelier Park
North Acton Playing Fields
Northala Fields
Pitshanger Park
Ravenor Park
Southall Manor House Grounds
Southall Park
Southfield Recreation Ground
Three Bridges Park
Walpole Park.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “Ealing is well known for its parks and open spaces and they are the pride of the borough. Having them nationally recognised is a huge achievement and I am over the moon that we have secured a record-breaking 18 Green Flags this year.

“Along with our great parks teams, there are hundreds of volunteers who work with them to create spaces which people can enjoy. Congratulations to them all, these flags are testament to your passion and commitment to make this borough a great place to live and visit.”

The Green Flag Awards are judged by more than 700 green space experts who assess using eight strict criteria including horticultural standards, cleanliness, sustainability and community involvement.

The Green Flag awards scheme is run by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

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The brand new Gruffalo trail at Horsenden Hill features a 7ft Redwood wooden sculpture of the Gruffalo and four smaller Sweet Chestnut sculptures of a fox, owl, snake and mouse, all hidden along the adventure trail pathway for children to explore and discover.

Based on the international bestseller by Julia Donaldson, the Gruffalo is the story of a mouse’s walk through a deep dark wood where he encounters a variety of dangerous creatures including a fox, owl, snake and a Gruffalo, who all want to gobble him up.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “In Ealing we have some of the most enviable outdoor spaces across all of London. With the opening of the Gruffalo nature trail at Horsenden Hill, I know that kids of all ages – even adults – will be excited to lace up their walking boots and hit the trail all set for their very own Gruffalo adventure.

“Even if the kids haven’t come across the Gruffalo books before, this really is a great way to not only introduce them to the wonderful characters of Julia Donaldson, but to also get them out and about and enjoying the our fantastic open spaces this summer.”

There are 5 interpretation boards alongside the sculptures which aim to encourage children to connect with and learn about their local woodland. The project was funded through Ealing Council Parks and a Perivale ward forum contribution and the sculptures were carved by chainsaw artist Dan Cordell.

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