Drivers warned to keep off the zig-zags

DSC_0945As children return to school after the summer break this week, the council is reminding drivers that they will be enforcing the yellow school keep clear zig-zags outside of schools to help keep students safe.

The council’s fleet of CCTV vehicles will patrol outside schools at drop off and pick up times to catch selfish drivers red-handed. During the 2015/16 school year 1170 motorists were issued with penalty charge notices (PCNs) for parking on the yellow ‘SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR’ markings in the controlled hours. PCNs are charged at £110, reduced to £55 if paid within 21 days.

The yellow zig-zags are there to provide a clear space for children to cross where they are visible to drivers. Motorists  who park on zig-zags for any length time are putting children in danger. Council teams are asking parents to help keep children safe by parking away from schools and instead take a short walk to the school gates. In Ealing, motorists are permitted to park in a resident’s parking space for up to 10 minutes whilst dropping off or collecting children as long as the vehicle is parked in a close proximity to the school.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure, said: “There is never a good excuse for parking dangerously and we make no apologies for issuing PCNs to motorists who think it’s acceptable to put children’s lives at risk in order to save themselves a few minutes’ walk. When selfish drivers park on zig-zag lines outside of schools, it makes it harder for children to see when they cross the road and for drivers to see them. It also forces them to cross between parked cars.

“We have worked closely with schools to encourage parents to do the right thing, but those that insist on putting children’s lives in danger should now that we are actively looking out for them.”