Brush up your act with garden waste

The council is offering residents reduced cost compost bins, with prices starting at £17.98, plus delivery. With spent bedding plants, grass cuttings, fallen leaves and prunings, autumn is the perfect time to start recycling garden waste to produce compost for spring planting.

Alternatively the council also offers a fortnightly chargeable garden waste collection service. The scheme runs from 1 April to 31 March. Residents who would like to sign up for the remainder of this year will be charged a discounted rate of £45, with a further 25% discount for residents who are over 65.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “The most environmentally friendly way to manage your garden waste is to compost it at home and re-use it in your garden.  A cheap compost bin is an easy way to get started and makes gardening even more rewarding.

“If you would prefer to have your garden waste collected, then we have a discounted rate for our doorstep garden waste collection available now, so why not sign up and be hassle free.”

Those considering a compost bin should remember it is important to have a good mixture of materials to make a good quality compost. As well as green garden waste, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea bags, pet hair, and even shredded paper can be composted.

Try to aim for a 50/50 mix of ‘greens’ such as vegetable peelings, old flowers, grass cuttings, spent bedding plants and ‘browns’ such as garden prunings, coffee grounds, tissues and paper napkins, cardboard, vacuum cleaner dust.

To find out about ordering a discounted compost bin, telephone 0845 130 60 90 for further details or visit

For more information on the garden waste scheme visit or call 020 8825 6000.