Fly-tip in Ealing? We will find you and we will fine you!

Three new ‘enforcement’ trucks are being used solely for collecting fly-tipped rubbish from the most severely affected areas, and manned by both waste teams and environmental enforcement officers.

The trucks are clearly marked with posters warning people of the consequences of being caught fly-tipping. Since 15 August the fine has increased to up to £400.

The council set up this provision in direct response to the growing incidents of fly-tipped rubbish in some areas of the borough. It’s in addition to the council’s normal street cleansing service that already deals with fly-tipping.

The council has also been tackling the problem through a mixed approach of giving thousands of residents one-to-one advice and support on the doorstep on how to use their new wheelie bins, alongside tough enforcement.

Going out with one of the new trucks, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure, and Councillor Julian Bell, leader of Ealing Council, saw at first hand the amount of rubbish that regularly gets illegally dumped.

Councillor Mahfouz, said: “The vast majority of residents dispose of their waste appropriately and legally. Like me, they are disgusted when they see a disrespectful minority fly-tip on our streets.

Three enforcement crews are out on the streets of the borough

“There is never any excuse for disposing of rubbish illegally.  It’s disgusting, an eye sore and dangerous.  We’re cracking down on those who deliberately dirty our neighbourhoods by coming down on them hard. Let me send a clear message to anyone who feels they can dump rubbish on Ealing’s streets. We will find you and we will fine you.”

Councillor Bell, added: “These new trucks and our enforcement staff are helping to tackle the worst examples of fly-tipping in the borough. We are determined to prosecute anyone who persists in illegally dumping their rubbish on our streets.”

To report fly-tipped rubbish or anyone fly-tipping visit or call the dedicated hotline on 020 8825 8825.