Cycle Safety: Close Pass comes to Ealing

ClosePassFollowing a meeting with the Met Police’s Cycle Safety team at TfL, I was delighted to see the Close Pass operation come to Ealing’s roads alongside a hi-vis presence of traffic patrol officers alongside an offer of Exchanging Places – a programme that allows cyclists to sit in the cab of a HGV to improve their knowledge of blind spots.

They’ll back on Ealing’s roads soon, but in the meantime, here were the results of their activities:

Hi-Vis Traffic Police

  • A total of 28 traffic offence reports were given out to motorists for various offences
  • 6 x Commercial Vehicles dealt with for Tacho offences
  • 1 x Commercial Vehicle dealt with for Operators Licence offence
  • 13 x Mobile Phones offences
  • 2 x No Seat belt
  • 1 x Fail to maintain lamps
  • 1 x Inconsiderate Driving
  • 3 x Cyclists spoken to and warned with regard to manner of cycling
  • 1 x Arrest for Domestic Violence (unrelated to specific programme)

In addition, there were numerous verbal warnings given to drivers who did not provide sufficient space for cyclists.

Exchanging Places

Furthermore, 29 individuals sat in the cab of the HGV for the Exchanging Places programme; 39 bikes were marked for anti-theft and 15 pedestrians were given a presentation about safety advice and blind spots.

Close Pass

  • Number of vehicles stopped: 21
  • Number of vehicles involved in close passing: 7

Community Roadwatch

A 20mph spot in W4 was measured for an hour:

  • 179 vehicles passed
  • 53 were going over 25mph
  • 39mph – max speed
  • 28mph – ave speed

Officers returned the next day to enforce issuing 5 Traffic Offence reports for speeding.