Greenford Gridlock Info

Traffic around Greenford and parts of Northolt has been at a virtual standstill for much of today

This morning (19th January 2018), a burst water main was identified at the Greenford Road/Rockware Avenue junction and Affinity Water attended, installing temporary traffic lights.

Once the council was made aware of these emergency works engineers were sent to ask that the traffic be managed manually to deal with the traffic gridlock that struck across Greenford and beyond this morning.

Unfortunately, whilst the works are being managed better, the traffic situation is still pretty horrific – it is far quicker to walk, scoot or cycle then to drive around the area at the moment.

Affinity have confirmed that works will continue until Saturday evening at 6pm, by which time they hope to have back-filled the hole, lay concrete and then tarmac the surface.  Ealing Council will be overseeing to ensure that this timetable is stuck to.

Until then, you can expect continued delays.