Northolt has its say!

Best Thing - Northolt
What Northolt residents said was great about the area

This evening, the residents of Northolt West End met with councillors at the Ward Forum.  Amongst some of the discussions were a number of consultations.  Local residents had their say about Northolt … see below to see what they had to say!

Local Police Team Report
Crime figures compared to last year:

  • Burglary 10% down
  • Vehicle crime 3% down
  • Robbery 11% down
  • Violent Assault 3% down

Since our last meeting – targeting Radcliffe Way estate – drug dealing with 3 arrested.
Working closely with council – identified opportunities to install additional CCTV
Dealing with problems around Gainsborough Tower – patrols have been successful and removed the issues there.

For more information from the police or to get in touch directly, then sign up to OWL (Online Watch Link)
You will also be sent questionnaires to allow you to help identify local policing priorities.

Year Here Study into Northolt

Northolt has
What residents Northolt has to offer

The study spoke to 80 Northolt residents… here’s what they had to say!
Residents felt that Northolt had a bad reputation, but did feel a strong sense of belonging to Northolt
Everyone loves Northala Fields and the green and open spaces.
Want to be more involved in local decision making and see how local money is being spent.
Wanted to share more information about what services were available locally as well as sharing skills and learning. Read the final report and appendix below:

Ealing Neighbourhoods Research Report FINAL, June 2019

Ealing Neighbourhoods Research – Appendix A, FINAL, June 2019


Exciting Community Projects
Building Bridges Consultation – Building a Strong & Healthy Community

Northolt Building Bridges

Healthy eating project
Medlar Farm – 143 residents engaged
Radcliffe Way – 139 residents engaged
Vast majority of residents know how important it is to eat healthy, but 2/3 of those surveyed did NOT eat fruit and veg on a daily basis on Medlar Farm and 6 in 10 on Radcliffe Way!
Identified locations for community edible gardens and engaging residents in getting involved, including 2 x pop-up cafes at Medlar Farm hub and St. Joseph the Worker’s kitchen with both healthy eating & cooking workshops.
Working in partnership with a whole host of local organisations, businesses including Lidl and the Middlesex FA to deliver these changes.

Transform Your Space bids have been submitted to transform some empty spaces into areas which can bring benefit to the whole community and they have been successful!!

Northolt Library – did a volunteer day in the library, see what is planned for the space here – Northolt Library Edible Presentation.


Northolt Housing Hub
More visible presence of local housing officers, who are now based at the Medlar Farm hub.
There will also be a self-service machine so residents and tenants can access Ealing Council services without having to go to central Ealing.
A number of additional services are available, including employment, financial inclusion and welfare support as well as repairs and the police are also available there at certain times.
Open Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 9-5.

Find the hub

Ticket2Ride – 7th July

Northala Fields 10am

Spending agreed for a number of different projects:

Alec Reed Academy interview skills with BEE

The Northala Junior Park Run has now been launched and they are looking to support on Sunday mornings from volunteers (9am)

details of other projects funded will be uploaded here in due course.