Online job clubs to help you in your job search

Learn Ealing (formerly Ealing adult learning) is bringing you online job clubs in various sectors to help in your job search. Designed to boost your confidence to find work, we have job clubs in social care, education, construction, IT, administration and growing sectors like warehouse and supermarkets.

All job clubs are three-hour long, taking place online and free to attend. Additional support is available through CV, covering letters and preparing for interviews workshops.

Join these informative job clubs to explore:

  • How to get into the certain sector
  • What qualifications and skills you need to start in a certain industry
  • The different career pathways
  • What salary you can expect
  • What areas in the sector have more job opportunities
  • What career progression you might have in the industry
  • How to approach industry employers
  • What funded courses there are currently available.

Social care sector

6 November 1pm – 4pm

The social care job club will explain the difference between health and social care, explore the various roles in social care and what qualifications and skills you need to work in the sector. It will cover different routes into work and methods of contacting employers for current vacancies. It also includes a further discussion on starting a career in social care and career steps for progression.

Education sector

13 November 1pm – 4pm

This education job club will cover different routes into work, the qualifications and skills you need to work in education, leading industry employers and various job opportunities. We will also discuss how to start a career in education, different methods of contacting employers and career progression.

Construction sector

20 November 1pm – 4pm

The construction sector job club will include information on the different roles in the industry, current job opportunities, how to get into the construction sector and the skills and qualifications you need. You will also learn how to contact industry employers, currently recruiting and what funded courses are available. We will also discuss next steps for getting in construction and how you can progress.

Information Technology (IT) sector

27 November 1pm – 4pm

This job club will cover job opportunities and roles available, how to start a career in IT, different routes into work and the qualifications and skills you need. We will also explore progression opportunities and various ways of contacting employers.

Administration sector

4 December 1pm – 4pm

This administration sector job club will include the various routes into administration, qualifications and skills required, what the job covers/daily activities, average salary, different administration roles. In addition, we will also cover labour market information and how you can find roles in the sector.

Warehouse and supermarkets

11 December 1pm – 4pm

This warehouse and supermarkets job club will explore how the sector has grown during the pandemic and what are the current job opportunities available. We will also discuss sector employers for you to contact, different approaches to finding a warehouse or supermarket job and career progression you might expect.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for decent living incomes comments:

“As part of our Plan for Good Jobs, we are keen to ensure those residents hardest hit by the pandemic have the opportunity to retrain and get into sectors and jobs they might not have considered before. If you want to find out more about how you any of these sectors and how you can get your foot in the door, then sign up and log in. CV, interview and job application support is on hand to help get you into your next job.”

Sounds good?

Register for any of these job clubs on Ealing Work West’s website.

Upcoming job clubs

We also have job clubs in the digital media, finance, engineering and environment sectors coming up soon. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first one to hear about them.

Good jobs for Ealing

Ealing’s Plan for Good Jobs is the council’s action plan that sets out the short-term actions that are needed to help Ealing’s economy recover from the pandemic. The plan sets out a number of key priorities for the council and its partners including helping residents into gainful employment by making it easier for them to find jobs, retrain and develop new skills for growth sector employment. Focus will also be on protecting and nurturing existing businesses and encouraging local employers to work with the council to create good jobs.

Ealing’s Plan for Good Jobs is the council’s commitment to help the borough get back on its feet and create a sustainable economy.