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June/July 2016 report from the Northolt West End Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

NWE SNT June-July 2016 Newsletter

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Ealing Council is continuing to invest in making the borough safer with the announcement that three more areas prone to anti-social behaviour and crime will benefit from improved lighting.

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz by one of our new LED lights, which will be introduced to 3 crime hotspots


Cabinet heard on Tuesday, 19 May that the following three schemes will receive £103,000 in total to improve visibility and safety. The schemes were chosen following reports from residents, ward councillors and the police:

  • The footbridge from Perryn Road to St Dunstan’s Avenue, Acton
  • Shrublands Lane, Acton
  • Cathay Walk, Northolt

This is the fifth year of the council’s Street Lighting Improvement Programme and, so far, 23 streets have been upgraded of which 14 have also been converted to low energy LED lighting. Council data shows that on average, between April 2013 and February 2015, crimes decreased by 17% across the completed schemes.

In addition, the council is currently replacing its 22,000 high-pressure sodium streetlights. Except for the ornate streetlights in conservation areas and town centres, all will be converted to modern LED technology, improving night time visibility and saving the council more than half a million pounds a year in energy and environmental costs.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “These schemes are warmly received by residents and the police, but not by criminals who don’t like well-lit roads and lanes. This latest funding brings our total investment in the Street Lighting Improvement Programme to more than half a million pounds which, in my view, is money well spent.

“And as we continue to replace our out of date high-pressure sodium lights with LED lanterns, the whole borough will benefit from better visibility; reducing road accidents and helping people to feel safer at night.”

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Ealing Council has secured a closure order on a house in Northolt which had become an anti-social behaviour hotspot.

Parkfield Close House subject to closure order

The premises closure order on the house at 1 Parkfield Close was granted by Ealing Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 20 February. The order means that the site will be secured by the council for three months until 20 May 2014, and any unauthorised people on the property risk arrest.

Ealing’s safer communities team worked with concerned neighbours following reports of fights, drunken behaviour by visitors and allegations of drug taking.  In January there was also a fire at the house.  The owner of the house lives in a care home and was not implicated in the anti-social behaviour.

Cabinet member for community services and safety, Councillor Ranjit Dheer said: “Residents were understandably anxious about living near such a source of unpleasant activity. Anti-social behaviour can have such a big impact on people’s quality of life and we will take action to tackle this.

“I would like to thank residents for working with us and providing the safer communities team with the evidence it needed to secure a closure order. We will continue to work with the residents and police to monitor the site.”

To report anti-social behaviour ring 020 8825 7600 or email

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The below is a report from the Northolt West End Policing Safer Neighbourhood Team for July:

  • The team is running with 1 Sergeant, 1 PC and 3 PCSO’s. This will not change this month but as previously mentioned PC BUSS is leaving the team in August 2012. However, PC SHAMIM is still set to return to us at the end of July 2012.
  • Crime on the ward continues on a downward trend with Burglary and theft from motor vehicles remaining low. The ward has seen the highest drop in crime rates on the cluster currently running at -40%, which is a huge decrease.
  • We continue to have reports on street drinkers which we are obtaining ASBO’s on and are awaiting news from the ASBO team and the courts in relation to this. We also have reports of drug use and dealing at various locations on the ward, all of these locations are being patrolled and we are at this time focusing our efforts on our estates and tower blocks, with special attention being paid to Radcliffe Way, Wayfarer, Medlar Farm and Godfrey Avenue.
  • The second week in July will see the return of the Door Stop Project. The team will be working with Morrison’s PLC and LBE to give burglary advice and fit door chains and mirrors to vulnerable premises. At this time this is due to take place from 1000hrs on the 12th July in Medlar Farm. This may change between now and then, if you would like to come along and see what we are doing or to assist us then we would be more than happy to see you.
  • The team are working on warrants for premises on the Ward. If you have any information or know someone who does that you think may be of interest to the SNT then please let us know.

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